What You'll Learn


Open level

Open level class means anyone above the Beginner level can attend however the class is not catered towards the easy though it is meant to be for everyone. You will be challenged no matter your level. It’s a typical combination class, adding proved and well structured combinations to your repertoire so keep coming and one day you will know it all.

New sequence

New sequence is introduced every week so no worries about not being able to catch up. Of course you are missing out every time you miss the week, but no risk of not being able to follow what is being introduced. If you have a practice partner bring her/him with you so you are both on the same page.

Technique Insights

The connection, correct lead and follow, directions of movement and proper technique are always explained. However if the movement is absolutely new to you the explanations might not be sufficient or understandable. This is absolutely normal. Challenge yourself into listening and trying to understand based on what you already know. Try to find similarities and logic in every movement. This way you are truly learning and not just being taught.

Immediate Application

Guided Practica Chiquita follows the class immediately so what you’ve just learned can be immediately implemented into your dance and practiced with practica attendees. If you forgot the steps, the lead the timing – your instructor is present and you can ask additional questions.

Level of difficulty

In this class elements from any level can be added to the combination as long as the sequence is short enough to be danced within one or two phrases. It is a good way to familiarize yourself with aspects of tango that are yet unknown to you. To start – mimic what you see. You will learn the technique during regular classes. You can also ask your instructor or higher-level students during Practica.


Sometimes we don’t even know what we don’t know and we need to be shown what can be done with the elements we had already learn in the class and how they can be combined into beautiful, nicely flowing sequences.


Short Sequences - Tuesdays 7:30pm at Ultimate Tango. Get inspired during this 60 minutes class. Learn a short sequence of Tango, Milonga or Vals, or the one that is possible to dance to all three. Practice immediately after during Practica Chiquita.