Overcome Challenges

It can help you overcome challenges. With an instructor present, they can watch your dance and then pinpoint certain things that maybe holding back your progress or help you achieve your goals.

One-on-One Guidance

Your instructor can determine areas that need work and assign you exercises that directly impact your dance skills. This lets you focus on details that apply specifically to you. Sometimes the movement and technique can be explained in various ways. We find the one that help you understand and give you the advice that will actually help you progress.

Expert Assessment

It is an overall tendency that we need to achieve everything right now. Mastering dance takes time and it is often the case that one doesn’t even know what his/her body knows. We will dance with you, listen to your body and also to your words and help you decide which level and which classes will be most beneficial to you.

Safe Environment

Practicas offer safe environment to immediately implement, try out and practice all the novelties that you are learning during classes. No need to follow codigos, you can ask person of any level to practice with you. They will help you, just as someone helped them. Feel free to approach any instructor and ask any questions you didn’t have a chance to ask during classes.


PART 1) 8:30-9pm -> Solo Exercise Carlitos Perez way. Work on your balance, your musicality, introduce new elements. Essentially - get ahead and improve yourself so the partnership can be improved.

PART 2) 9-10:30pm -> DJ Hernan. The tandas, for education purpose, are built out of 3 arrangements of the same song so you can start memorizing the songs and start recognizing different orchestras. We play the same list for 3-4 weeks, so you have time to let the songs settle in your long memory draw. The practica music is displayed on the computer screen.

PART 3) 10:30-11:30pm -> DJ Grisha vel Oso Ruso. The tandas are played in the traditional manner arranged by orchestra and/or time period. There are alternative music dance-able cortinas and /or alternative tandas.