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Learning the tango can change your life in numerous ways. We teach students in Medford, MA and Greater Boston Area to master each part of the dance.

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Tango Dance Classes and lessons for adults, kids and teens in Greater Boston Area

Tango is a dance with a rich history, and one that can truly impress those who see dancers who are skilled. Whether you want to impress your loved one, improve your physical health, or just take up a hobby that is fun and rewarding, tango can be the answer that Boston, MA residents may be looking for. We take hands on, involved approach. Instead of just mindless repetition, we make sure that our Boston, MA students learn to understand every aspect of the tango and how to execute movement properly – all while having a great time and improving your physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.

To dance and to perform is a dream of many, many. Tango Classes for Adults, Kids and Teens at Ultimate Tango are designed for students interested in exploring partner dancing, including improvisation and performance aspects, in the Greater Boston area.

So what’s the difference between Tango, which is a partner dance, and dances traditionally perceived as solo dances such us ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop etc? Argentine Tango is a couple dance based on partnership. Therefore it is not just improvement of one’s own skills that matters, but also ability to clearly communicate with one’s dance partner. To improvise tango or to perform as part of a group, alongside other couples requires even more involvement. We aim for perfect synchronicity with partner, alignment with music, expression and illustration of feelings, all while executing often very complicated figures, steps and sequences.

Partnering other dancer requires trust and commitment often leading to life long friendships. Tango dance classes for Adults, Kids and Teens offer residents of Medford, MA and Greater Boston area with the experience that not only teach them to tango, but provide them with social, physical, and mental skills they can benefit from throughout their lives.

All students enrolled in the program are learning fundamental structure of Argentine Tango, its most recognized steps, combinations and elements including cruzada, baldoza, ocho adelante, ocho atras, parade, sandwich and giros in various variations. Strengthening exercises, pivots and turns, posture correcting exercises and necessary technique are introduced and implemented as needed.

Ultimate Tango creator and owners, Anita Flejter and Hernan Brizuela created a unique, well-structured, progressive Argentine Tango program that proves itself extremely successful and popular. Introducing first connection, communication/partnership building, ability to lead/follow, musicality and structure of the dance, together with the steps from first encounter with tango, allow dancers progress reasonably within short amount of time, with great understanding of technique and strong basics for both improvisation and performance.

We offer 5 levels of ongoing progressive Argentine Tango lessons for adults, special tango dance classes and lessons for kids and teens, specialty and master classes (Vals, Milonga, Performance and Choreography) as well as special workshops with visiting maestros. Preparation for competitions, performance or showcase wedding dance for couples are also available through private lessons.

The most difficult part is to show up. Do that and we take care of the rest!

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Ultimate Tango in Greater Boston Area

The Best Tango Classes


Challenging yourself can lead to significant rewards. Tango can help you feel more confident, give you a new skill, and generally help you with personal enrichment that can make your life better in numerous ways.


Argentine tango will improve your memory, spatial awareness, make your movement more controlled and precise, improve your posture and let you re-learn correct and ergonomic use of your joint and muscles. In other words – the aging process will be stopped and reversed!


When you learn to tango, you never have to worry about being dull at parties again. Tango can help you make friends, impress others, and elevate your next social outing in a big way.


Want to really impress your loved one or just do something that will be a ton of fun? Learning to tango together can be the first step. Then, you can take those skills with you anywhere.

Our Promise

"Argentine Tango is not just a dance. It is the whole culture that allows to not only learn how to partner dance to any music, but also how to walk correctly, stand correctly, built spatial awareness, use flexibility and elasticity of your muscles, move to the music, gain perfect posture and perfect manner, interact with older and younger colleagues of any gender, clearly communicate your intention and read the intentions of others, work with the group as well as individually, respect the rules and learn when to break them by using forgotten skill of common sense."

Anita & Hernan

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October 18-19-20

Colgadas and Volcadas - 12 hrs Intensive Seminar with Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne

Colgadas and Volcadas solve a number of traditionally static situations of the tango dance, providing more harmony and continuity to the movementMORE INFO

October 25

Tango at the Dante

The Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts honors Italian-American composers of Argentine Tango Music (D'Arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo, Pugliese, Biagi, Canaro, Calo, Donato, D'Agostino, Tanturi, ...) TICKETS

October 19

Gustavo Naeveira and Giselle Anne ONLY performance in Boston

Dance alongside Gustavo and Giselle Anne, strike the conversation with them, make a toast, ask questions about their tango story and SEE THEM PERFORM! MORE INFO

October 29

In Orange and Black - Anita’s B-day Milonga

Come in Orange.Come in Black. Come in Orange and Black.
Come at 7:30pm for trick & trick class with Anita & Hernan.
Come at 9pm for Milonga with DJ Hernan.
Orange oranges & black olives will be served. And maybe some other orange and black edibles. MORE INFO


Beginner Classes





Anita Flejter pursues her Argentine Tango fascination training with world-renowned dancers such as: Cesar Coelho, Chicho Fromboli y Juana Sepuldeva, Gustavo Naveira y Giselle Anne, Joanna Copez, Mariana Flores y Edwardo Capussi, Roberto Herrera, Fabian Salaz, Guillermina Quiroga, and many others.

Together with Hernan Brizuela, Anita Flejter is a co-owner an co-founder of Ultimate Tango Dance School in Boston, MA and Adelante Studios in New York City, NY. She is also a past owner of Stepping Out Studios in New York, NY.

Anita and Hernan created a unique, well structured, progressive tango program that proves itself extremely successful and popular.



Toby Balsley started tango at Ultimate Tango with Hernan Brizuela and Anita Flejter.  Before embarking in Tango, he had been a hobby dancer for many years including Latin, ballroom, country 2-step and West Cost Swing.  He and his wife (also now a tango dancer) have found that the introducing of tango has improved their everyday commutations because at its heart, Tango is about partnership and relationship.

While a computer and data consultant by day, he has a musical background in singing, choral conducting, music theory and vocal musical composition.  He is fascinated by the many layers of music and dance that Argentine tango provides.



Anita Kovacs started tango with Hernan Brizuela and Anita Flejter at Ultimate Tango in Boston and fell in love with this dance immediately. Fascinated by the magical harmony of partnership and music, freedom of expression and creation that tango allows, Anita is committed to (re)introduce movement to people’s lives and share her passion and discoveries in the world of tango and movement.

Prior to embarking on her tango journey she gained experience in various dance styles including ballet, flamenco, Irish step, authentic movement, and learned skills in Laban Movement Analysis. She is a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist.


There is more…

Private Lessons

Private dance lessons are fantastic if you wish for customized lessons, faster progress and convenience of scheduling. No matter if you are just starting out or are truly advanced dancer to get a true taste of tango, progress faster while learning ‘your way’ – private lessons are the way to master the dance

Practica Chiquita

Practice makes perfect! Practicing is important at any level as it’s important to keep your skills in place. Our Practicas (practice sessions) keep your mind and body fit while also helping you hone your skills. With regular practice, you’ll be able to get even better.

Milonga Ideal

Milonga is a more formal Argentine Tango dance party /social where you go to dance with other Argentine tango dancers. You can start going out to the Milongas right away, just make sure you read our ‘Your First Milonga Ever’ guide. Our Milonga Ideal is held once a month. Read more in the Events section.