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Private dance lessons are fantastic if you wish for customized lessons, faster progress and convenience of scheduling. Though we do recommend that you start your Argentine Tango experience by taking group classes. Or at least combine both. Especially if you are complete newbie.

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Tango is a social dance and you will be going to Milongas, practicas, encuentros and marathons in your home town but also when you travel abroad for your work conference or vacation. Yes! There is tango wherever you are going! It is possible that you will always dance with just one partner, but in truth it is very unlikely.

Therefore we recommend group classes as a good way of starting your tango adventure, socializing but also accelerating learning process by dancing and practicing with different people.

The beautiful thing about Tango is that it will accept you no matter who you are, no matter how you look, no matter how you move, no matter your dance experience and no matter at what level you are at any given moment of your life. There is only one condition – you need to respect the Tango by doing everything you can to understand it and embed it into your body.

The group classes give you all the necessary basics and safe you TONE OF MONEY! If you have time and your schedule allows you - start with group lessons!

At one moment though you get to the point that no group class will satisfy you. You took them all. You know it all, but you still feel like something important is missing. This is a moment to start taking private dance lessons.


Customized To You

Private dance lessons focus solely on YOU. Once the teacher gets to know you and identifies your goals he/she will teach you the material that will be most appropriate for your needs in the most appropriate order. If your goal is to master social dancing your teacher will make sure you know how to lead/follow, how to navigate the floor. How to improvise. Your lessons will change and adapt to what your needs are. Everyone has different goals, body types and learning styles. Private dance lessons will take those things into account and customize the lessons for you.

Faster Progress

Private dance lessons are typically taught one-to-one or two-to-one. This way your teacher has much more time to work with you individually, which will lead to faster progress. Your “problem areas” can be addressed by giving you specific exercises to improve them. During your private dance lesson you will have the time to analyze music, lead, embrace, foot position, amount of rotation and a lot more. The amount of detail and technique your teacher can dive into in a private lesson is much greater than that of a group class. That’s because in a group class there may be up to 20 other students that need help and so the teacher’s time is split among them. If you want to improve quickly and have the right technique, you will enjoy private lessons.


While group classes are normally scheduled on set days and times, private dance lessons can be scheduled at a time that is convenient to you. If your work schedule is quite hectic, that shall not prevent you from dancing. Private lessons solve this problem and allow you to make an appointment with your instructor at a time that will work for you. We are open for private lessons daily from 10 am to 10pm. Earlier appointments are sometimes available so please talk to us.

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1 60-min private lesson


5 60-min private lessons


10 60-min private lesson


We also offer 90-min private lessons and lessons with 2 teachers Please contact us for details.

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