Structure of Improvisation

Being able to improvise is a huge part of mastering tango. This course gives you all the skills needed to improvise anywhere!

What You'll Learn

Fundamentals of Improvisation

What is tango improvisation? What makes a routine effective and beautiful? Our instructors give you the knowledge needed to understand how improv works and how best to begin working on your skills.


Understanding musicality and how to listen to the rhythm and then apply it to your moves is vital. We cover musicality and using it to get better results from your improv sessions.

Linking Moves

You’ve spent time in other classes learning all the steps and moves that make up the tango. Know, we cover the fundamentals of linking those moves together into a great routine.

Leading and Following

Leading or following, the main thing that improvisers need to remember is that they need to keep their partner in mind as well. These lessons help teach you how to lead and follow while out on the dance floor.


Our teachers cover everything above and then take steps to make sure that your confidence is high. Once you have the fundamentals in place, applying them is the final step and something we work hard to make sure you understand.

Making It All Work

Finally, we take time to put everything together. We’ll review all of your training and then work to help you devise routines and improvise on the spot, helping you take yet another step forwards in your tango dancing.

Learn How to Use Improvisation in Your Dance Techniques

Good improvisation is the pinnacle of tango mastery. This course gives you the skills to do so. Be sure to sign up today!

Start Dancing

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  • "They are professional, passionate, graceful, and true masters of their trade. They are patient and take the time to break down the steps to ensure one truly grasps and understands the motions, not just mechanically follow and repeat the steps."
    Katherine L.
  • "Ultimate Tango (UT) is a little piece of Buenos Aires in Medford Square. Hernan and Anita are the knowledgeable teachers and gracious hosts. This duo has really upped the standard of tango in the Boston area. "
    Elizabeth O.
  • "You've come to the right place for tango! The instructors are passionate and patient. I love Hernan and Anita!!! You will see progress and feel confident even after one or two lessons."
    Miryam L.
  • "I have being taking Hernan and Anita's 8 weeks course and love how they take the time to go through the mechanics of the steps. They observe each student and will correct you by dancing with you."
    Kamal M.
  • "Hernan is not only world class dancer and warm hearted human, he also has a solid knowledge in many sciences such as a reflexology, human anatomy and psychology. He applies them all in teaching!"
    Rita L.
  • "Anita and Hernan have created a rare establishment. Imagine: you take a break from your daily chores, park the car on the busy street (plenty parking available), walk down the stairs and enter their studio, a tango oasis."
    Tsachi S.