Advanced Milonga Lisa and Traspie

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Master Milonga, the most difficult and the oldest of the tango genres, with six 4-weeks courses, designed to help you master this style and shine during Milonga tandas

Milonga Lisa
and Traspie

Advanced Milonga Lisa and Traspie

From the 3 tango genres Milonga is considered the most difficult one. The speed of the music and the misinterpretation of cadencia make it almost impossible to lead or follow for those uninitiated.

To attend this class you need to either complete Intermediate Milonga course or already have a good understanding of Milonga rhythm and difference between double time and traspie. Completed Intermediate Tango Course or good understanding of giros and molinete patterns are also required as prerequisite.

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    Lisa in translation means simple, and usually refers to walking on 1 in the Milonga. In reality it is not that simple. We can dance it grounded and low or suspended. Music suggests which one.


    It’s a 4 or 6 count phrase in Tango rhythm inserted into Milonga perceived by many dancers as crazy fast. In realty repetitive double time will do just fine. Once you know when is coming and how long the phrase can possibly be all you have to figure out is how to convey it to your partner so you are both on the same page.


    Milonga is the oldest of 3 tango genres and its characteristic affixed pattern, that we immediately identify and associate with Milonga, comes from way before. Check out this excellent video. Explanation by Joaquin Amenabar.

    Although written in 2/4 for dance needs we interpret Milonga as count of 4 characteristic rhythmical values to identify double time and traspie.


    The cadencia of Milonga has a rolling backwards sensation. In other words you are stepping from the beat (as oppose to on the beat). If executed incorrectly or mimicked without understanding it often express itself as bouncy or jumpy walk. There are steps and pattern characteristic for the Milonga. Mostly becuase the dnace is faster which introduces linits on what cna be done. Limits are excellent for creativity - they make you think outside of the box. If you really wnat something, you'll find the way to make it happen.


What You'll Learn in Advanced Milonga


Ocho cortado and variations


Low boleos, taps and patadas

Lesson 3

Traspie and traspie patterns


Progressing turning patterns


Magic of small rhythmical patterns


Improvising Milonga musically

Take your Milonga to ADVANCED level

From the 3 tango genres Milonga is considered the most difficult one. The speed of the music and the misinterpretation of cadencia make it almost impossible to lead or follow for those uninitiated.

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Milonga or Vals
1 Class
Milonga or Vals
4 Classes
Milonga and Vals
4 Classes

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