Hernan Brizuela & Anita Flejter

Te quiero, como no te quiso nadie,
como nadie te querrá.
Te adoro, como se adora en la vida,
la mujer que se ha de amar.
Te quiero, como se quiere a la vida
cuando la vida es beldad;
como se quiere a un hermano;
como se quiere a una madre,
con ese amor sin igual,
como se quiere en la vida
una vez, y nada más.
Hoy te quiero más que ayer,
pero menos que mañana; 

HERNÁN BRIZUELA is a Tango dancer and Tango teacher from Mendoza, Argentina, known for his unforgettable embrace.

At the age of seven he began an intensive study of Argentinean folklore dance with Monica Maturano and at 10 he received his first tango lesson from his mother, beginning a life long love for the dance and sharing it with others. In NYC, Hernán’s first and most influential teacher was Cesar Coelho of Forever Tango. He was also infuenced by Luis Canan, Jorge Torres (Tango salón), Francisco Forquera (escenario) and Carlos Perez (Tango salon).

Hernán has taught and performed at various festivals, milongas and studios in New York and Massachusetts and most recently in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and Argentina. He was a principal dancer in the off-Broadway dance play Let’s Speak Tango and choreographed and starred in the short film Gardenias. He performed in the past four productions led by Maestro Romulo Larrea, Tango First Century, Spotlight on Tango, TANGOS: from Gardel to Piazzolla and TANGO for lovers across the United-States, Canada and Europe.

Currently, Hernán travels between New York, Boston, Buenos Aires, and Europe to teach and perform Tango.

ANITA FLEJTER, originally from Poland for years actively competed in International Standard and Latin and performed as member of various performance groups all over Europe.

However she found her true love – Argentine Tango – only after she moved to New York City in 2004. She pursues her Argentine Tango fascination since then, training with world-renowned dancers such as: Cesar Coelho, Roberto Herrera, Chicho Fromboli y Juana Sepuldeva,  Gustavo Naveira y Giselle Anne, Joanna Copez, Mariana Flores y Edwardo Capussi, Fabian Salaz, Guillermina Quiroga, and many others.

Together with Hernan Brizuela Anita Flejter is a co-owner an co-founder of Ultimate Tango Dance School, Adelante Studios, and Co-Owner of Stepping Out Studios in New York, NY.