Vals Cruzado

Learn the most joyful of the tango styles with these courses, designed to help you master this style.

Intro To Vals

The basic difference between Vals and Tango is hidden in the interpretation of double time since the 3 cannot be spit half that easily. The cadencia of Vals also differs from that of Tango. In Tango we are arriving to our axis on the beat. Vals with its wonderful symmetry calls for axis in transition during the 1 since we still have 2 and 3 to arrive fully to one leg axis. It changes when we start using 2 and 3, but still the floating sensation is there thanks to the different interpretation of musical accent.

Intro to Vals introduces Vals fundamentals such us: musicality (double time emphasis on 2 or 3), cadencia and characteristic of Vals rhythm, difference between Vals criollo and cruzado, and fundamental structural patterns. Intermediate Course or good understanding of giros and molinete patterns are required as prerequisite.

What You'll Learn

What Is Vals?

We begin by reviewing the basics of vals style tango including what separates it from other styles and what is needed to truly understand, appreciate, and practice this form of the tango.


Vals uses ¾ rhythm. This means that very specific counts and steps are used. As such, it requires additional instruction to ensure that you are able to keep up with this unique, faster pace style of dance.


Not only does Vals move at a faster pace, but it also requires dancers to spin, move, and pivot in different ways. Our instructors go over the differences that are found in this type of dance so you can master its subtleties.

Specific Steps

There are also several very specific steps associated with the vals style. Our instructors review these steps and teach them to give you the skillset needed to master the style completely.

What to Avoid

While nothing is ever truly forbidden, certain things don’t fit properly into the style of Vals tango. We review the different things that are worth avoiding when mastering this type of dancing.

Practicing and Perfecting

We take all of the different skills you have built throughout the course and help you learn how to improvise with them, how to practice your steps, and how to put everything together to create stunning dance sequences.

Advanced Vals

Vals is probably the most joyful from three tango genres (Tango, Milonga and Vals) with it’s ¾ happy feel of spinning and floating. Discover and work on specific patterns that will make your Vals shine. To attend this class you need to either complete Intro to Vals or already have a good understanding of Vals rhythm and difference between double time emphasis on 2 or 3. Intermediate Course or good understanding of giros and molinete patterns are also required as prerequisite.

Advanced Vals is divided into 6 4-class cycles:

  1. Circular Partterns with Sacadas
  2. Dynamic and Elasticity in Medialunas
  3. Colgadads in Vals
  4. Cross System Variations
  5. Alterations in Vals
  6. Improvising Vals Musically

Master the Stunning Vals Style of Tango

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